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Ever since I was little I wanted to save the day, and over my years in the New York City events industry, each has been different and should be celebrated that way!  Pretty things and warm experiences can be created through food, flowers, crafts and wonderful service.  

Special occasions in Art, Beauty, Entertainment, Fashion, Publishing and Retail require that every element -- from the shade of a flower petal to the tray a cocktail is served on -- exemplifies a top brand.  I also love designing special details to enhance a private client's individual style.  Everything around you can be inspiring: what interests and attracts you, what do you find lovely that you'd like to share?  A surprise floral arrangement based on the color palette of your grandmother's favorite dress?  Or a DIY project for your wedding that shows all of your guests that you took a moment to create something special for each of them?  

Jen Kim Creative offers full-service Event Planning and Design services as well as à la carte options to bring your visions to life at your home, office or choice of venue.

Let's get started!

~ Jen Kim